RadioMATRIX Briefing Module:
Frequently Asked Questions


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Getting Started

Do Agencies need to specify client details and other back-end set ups in RadioMATRIX before going live on the platform?

Your systems administrator will need to supply AudioNET with a list of clients mapped to your agency branch codes and an agency user list also mapped to branch codes. Once these details have been loaded up you’ll be able to access all the clients in your agency branch and join any client teams that you need work on.

How do we set up RadioMATRIX when we have a Single Sign On (SSO) requirement?

For Agencies that require SSO, AudioNET will supply that Agency group’s Systems/IT Managers with an SSO onboarding kit, which includes a user nomination format, used to advise AudioNET of the agency users requiring access to the RadioMATRIX platform.

Each user needs to be nominated as either an Administrator, Supervisor or Standard User. An overview of what the three permission levels mean is provided in your SSO onboarding kit to help you apply permissions to your team correctly. Agency users that are Administrators or Supervisors can further fine tune adding or removing permissions for Agency Users at their level or lower if needed at a later date.

My agency or network is already set up on RadioMATRIX but I don't have a login. How do I get one?

Contact your agency or network Systems/IT Manager to add you to the user nomination data supplied to AudioNET for your organisation’s RadioMATRIX account. Administrators or Supervisors can invite Standard Users to join a client team, or alternatively Standard Users can request permission to join, which must be approved by their Administrator or Supervisor.

Additional team members can be added into a specific Brief or a Proposal by Supervisors or Administrators. This allows short term, or one-time access to client details, to support the creation of a specific Brief or Proposal.

What do I need to do to remove a user?

For businesses using SSO, user access will be automatically revoked and the profile archived when a user exits the business and the SSO directory is updated. Providing AudioNET with an updated User Nomination File will also remove the user from any current Client Teams.

For businesses using Local Login your Systems/IT manager should immediately provide AudioNET with an updated User Nomination File. 

Gaining Accessing To RadioMATRIX

Are we using the same Radio Holdings conversion codes for the buying platform?

Yes, we will still be using the same conversion codes as Radio Holdings. We will have additional conversion codes for any digital inventory that currently is not involved in Radio Holdings, i.e. podcasting, streaming, etc. We’ll also be maintaining the same client codes that are currently in place for Radio Holdings as well.

Will Community Radio stations be on the platform or only stations that are 'represented'?

Only commercial stations that are members of Commercial Radio Australia will be on the platform.

What happens when a users leaves a business and moves to a competitor?

This process will come down to the individual business and their methods for managing staff profiles and data e.g. Single Sign On (SSO), ID Server or Active Directory. When a business closes down an employees account on their server, it will automatically include their RadioMATRIX profile.

If an organisation is not using SSO, your RadioMATRIX administrators can manually lock out employee or contact the RadioMATRIX Support Team for assistance. Those organisations on Radio Holdings are already self-managing this process.

What happens to digital components not in Radio Holdings?

Digital components will be included in RadioMATRIX Briefs and included in the Proposal.

Using RadioMATRIX

What happens if an Agency selects and includes an inventory item that my Network does not offer?

When the Agency is creating the initial Brief for all Networks, all Inventory items will be displayed. However, once they reach the Network Brief tab and review their Brief for each Network, the RadioMATRIX platform will flag any specific Inventory items the user has selected that are not offered by that Network. The user will not be able to submit the Brief until the invalid inventory has been amended.

Am I able to receive email notifications as well as the real time notifications within RadioMATRIX?

Email notifications can be customised in the settings of RadioMATRIX to suit your individual needs.

Can I turn on out of office notifications?

Out of Office functionality is not available at this time but has been added to our functionality development list for future consideration.

Can I transfer the ownership of a Brief to a different team member if I go on leave?

Team members can be added or removed as required. This can be done within the Team management settings. The only barrier to completing a transfer is if you are the only person on the Brief, you will need to add someone else in your place before removing your name from this team list.

Can agencies submit the same brief to more than one network at a time and allocate a different station share to each network?

Agencies can either create three separate Briefs with three different station shares, or they can create the one Brief, and simply add the different preferences/ratios in the free text box within the budget screen to provide the Network with the additional ratios they’d like explored.

If a station's ownership changes, how will the RadioMATRIX manage a new brief that spans the period where a station crosses over from network to another?

The current process for RadioMATRIX puts the onus on the Networks to confirm the dates of station ownership changes, and the RadioMATRIX station data will be updated based on this information. Most Networks have set up connections to RadioMATRIX that provides daily updates of station details.

What happens when a client name needs to be changed?

The Agency submits a request to the RadioMATRIX Support Team with the name change and the reason for the change. The name will be changed, but the code associated with the name will never change. This allows RadioMATRIX to maintain consistency through reporting for that client, despite the name change.

Will I be able to view all client briefs and proposals set up by their team members if they have access to a client selection applied?

Yes, you will be able to see every single client Brief and Proposal, unless the Supervisor or Administrator has removed the User from that client team on a specific Brief or Proposal

Are independent Networks included e.g. community radio, regional stations and direct client bookings?

All metro and regional commercial radio stations and Networks are included. The development road map includes direct client bookings to be included in 2021.

Will the Briefing tool be able to handle 3 different budget scenarios for responses?

Yes, the Network will be able to respond to the Brief on different budget scenarios, as requested by the Agency User. This feature is called Brief Options, with option 1 defaulting to 100% of allocated budget and subsequent options can be a variation of that budget.

Can anyone who has access to a client approve a booking, or can it be restricted with manager level to approve? What level or amount can user approve versus a manager?

RadioMATRIX has the ability to limit the approval of Proposal responses to a Brief to form a booking, to a specific user on a client team. The default setting is Supervisor or higher can approve a booking, but this permission can be adjusted by the Administrators or Supervisors on your account.

What can a Network see in terms of a Networks share when receiving a Brief?

The Commercial Radio Australia A&P Committee determined that Networks should not see what share the Agency has allocated. The Network will only see their Budget and any applicable Media Spend, Production and Barter. This however will not prevent Network Sales Teams endeavouring to find out what their share is through communicating with Agency Team members.

When creating a Reverse Brief, can I include what information is included from the Network?

A reverse brief is standard practice for a number of Networks when the budget amount is over a certain amount and typically when a lot of integrated components will be involved in the Proposal. The reverse brief will usually consist of a PDF or a PowerPoint where the Network confirms all the key elements of the Brief that are required (key success criteria, goals and aspirations of the client, etc). It is often used to document and formalise any offline discussions or meetings about what should be in the Proposal response.

How will I know who will received the Brief?

Agencies will see the client team members for each network prior to releasing the brief. If no network client team have been created, the agency cannot release the brief until they select some network contacts to receive the brief. 

Is there a date for a deadline for a response to a brief?

Yes, this is on the Response page, where the Agency User will select the date and time a response is required by. If the deadline is within a compressed timeframe (e.g. less than 72 hours), the expectation is the Agency User will call the Network contact after submitting the brief, as currently should be occurring.

If the booking is a barter booking how is this handled in the briefing section?

Barter is handled in the Budget page, under Barter / Principal Trading Options, and any further specification can be called out in the Network Instructions.

How can Networks challenge the share that is briefed to them?

Similar to how you would currently challenge a share that is briefed. Have a conversation with the Agency, put forward your case to increase the share, or suggest that you will give them 2 options: one option at the 20% share indicated, and the second option at the 30-40% share that you believe would better suit their needs. The RadioMATRIX Proposal tool has an options feature that allows you to easily create a second option at a higher or lower budget share. You may even find Agencies will ask for you to provide multiple options at different shares.

Budget share management

How do I split budget share between Metro and Regional stations for one Network only?

Agencies will have the opportunity to add information dictating budget share into the free text box on the Budget screen. This can be used for advising of share between Metro vs Regional, Metro vs Metro, etc.

If you would like the issue of your Networks Budget Share to be visible within RadioMATRIX, please reach out to your organisation’s Automation and Programmatic Committee representative and ask them to re-raise the issue for discussion with the wider committee.