Get your agency ready for RadioMATRIX

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RadioMATRIX is due for a limited release in the final months of 2020 and a full release in early 2021. The launch of RadioMATRIX will prove to be an absolute game changer when it comes to planning, briefing, proposing and managing approvals for commercial radio advertising. RadioMATRIX will enable you to buy the entire commercial radio network from a single cloud-based platform and collaboratively work through proposal versions with the radio stations, all in real-time.

If you already utilise Radio Holdings then you’ll have access to RadioMATRIX by default and your Media Systems Team has more than likely participated in alpha module releases and is gearing up for the final public release. You’re all set and there’s nothing else you need to do other than count down the days to when you can leave your Excel spreadsheet version control nightmares behind. You can read more about the benefits that RadioMATRIX brings to the commercial radio audio planning, briefing and proposals process and you can reach out to your Media Systems Team for more information on your agency’s involvement in the RadioMATRIX rollout.

If your agency utilises MediaOcean Spectra MD to manage your media but doesn’t currently use Radio Holdings, check with your Media Systems Team to see if they’re aware of RadioMATRIX and are already working with our Support Team to set up your agency in preparation for the RadioMATRIX public launch in the next few months. If your agency is not aware of RadioMATRIX please reach out to our Support Team to get your agency set up to plan and brief media and receive and manage proposals.

The RadioMATRIX Direct module is due for release in the first half of 2021. It will bring the ability for agencies that don’t use Spectra MD and Radio Holdings, or end-clients that book radio advertising directly with commercial radio networks, to plan, brief and receive proposals from commercial radio stations.

Check the Latest News section for further RadioMATRIX platform updates.