RadioMATRIX: A World First Initiative

RadioMATRIX application page active on a laptop

Over the last 12 months, the entire process of audio buying has been pulled apart, inspected and reinterpreted to establish a new level of best-practice for the process of planning, briefing, proposing and approving advertising across the full extent of Australia’s commercial radio inventory.

The development of RadioMATRIX has been a whole-industry effort, including teams from radio networks and media agencies all working together via Commercial Radio Australia. RadioMATRIX workflows, process checks and balances and system security represents the collective input of some of Australia’s most experienced and respected commercial radio and media agency stakeholders.

RadioMATRIX standardises and streamlines communication, collaboration and data handling between media agencies and radio networks and provides a level of transparency and accountability to the industry never before available. Planning, briefing, proposing and approving via the cloud-based collaborative environment removes dependencies on legacy process, applications, methods of communication, version management and security. The platform breaks down operating silos, significantly reduces errors and wastage and establishes a minimum industry level of competency through ongoing platform training and user accreditation.

The collective benefits delivered by the RadioMATRIX platform in partnership with Commercial Radio Australia, delivers media agencies and commercial radio networks a more sophisticated process, to meet the future needs of Australian brands and radio listeners.