Radio Holdings & Mini-Holdings

Radio Holdings and Mini-Holdings are both widely recognised as the industry-standard best-practice method for synchronising bookings and schedules between media agencies and radio networks, and cross-network bookings between radio stations.

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Radio Holdings

Implemented in 2013 in partnership with the media agency OMD and radio network ARN, Radio Holdings automatically puts radio networks and media agencies in synch on bookings and schedules, with automatic file delivery from radio network traffic systems to media agency media activity billing systems.

Radio Holdings automatically consolidates and reconciles agency bookings and station advertising schedules on a daily basis for over 85% of Australian Media Agencies, and 100% of commercial radio stations.

The daily consolidation of all of Australia’s commercial radio activity into a single data source automatically links radio network traffic systems with agency billing systems, drastically reducing booking error rates, significantly reducing manual processing errors and the time required to reconcile and invoice commercial radio advertising.

RadioMATRIX interfaces with all tier-1 radio trafficking and media agency media management and billing systems, in addition to its own confirms activity dashboard, reporting suite and automated systems interface, which manages the display and distribution of change alerts.

If your agency is not hooked up to Radio Holdings and you want access to Radio Holdings and therefore RadioMATRIX, reach out to our Support Crew and we’ll get you set up ASAP.

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Mini-holdings is a radio network specific solution for managing cross-network bookings. Each night, the platform automatically synchronises bookings data between the regional sales houses, their client networks and downstream stations, ensuring that everyone is on the ‘same page’. The data exchange process involves an automated nightly data export from each station’s traffic system, to RadioMATRIX Mini-Holdings via a secure FTP connection. Only data relating to bookings made by the sales house will be exported by the stations to Mini-Holdings. Stations will not be sharing other booking information or avails to the sales house.

The loading of new bookings and amendments are automatically updated in Radio Holdings by the downstream station overnight, every night. In the event that a discrepancy occurs as a result of adjustments to bookings, avails or log updates, discrepancies are automatically reported to the sales house, so they can manage a fix with the station or if required, manage the expectation of the agency. Discrepancies that cannot be promptly resolved between the sales house and the station, will be flagged as a booking change in Holdings the following day.

Account queries are virtually eliminated. Mini-Holdings ensures that the sales house representing the stations has daily clarity on the bookings being held downstream by stations not connected directly to the sales house’s traffic system. This protects the reputation of the sales house and radio in general, as there will no longer be a disconnect between the booking agent, the station delivering the booking or the agency.

If your partner or parent network is hooked up to Radio Holdings and you want access to optimise your bookings process via access to Mini-Holdings, reach out to our Support Crew.

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Logging in to Radio Holdings and Mini-Holdings

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